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Karen W Skiing

Karen W, Cancer Rehab

“I’m 63. I started training with Simon on a free Zoom programme when I was going through cancer treatment. He made exercise manageable and enjoyable for me. He helped me to be less driven and to rebuild confidence in my body. 


I’ve come through treatment and continued privately with Simon because I come away from each session feeling so positive and on a high but not exhausted. I am building strength and fitness at a sustainable pace and I look forward to every session. As someone who is active and has tried many different kinds of exercise classes I can’t recommend Simon enough.”

Don, Cancer Rehab

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in my early 70s and had hormone therapy as part of my treatment. This led to a loss of strength and muscle mass, among other side effects. As a result of training with Simon I have been able to safely increase my strength, regain lost muscle and now feel physically fitter.


I look forward to our sessions knowing Simon has planned safe and effective exercises which leave me feeling energised and allow me to carry on enjoying my favourite pastimes such as gardening and dog walking.” 

Client Don with his dog

Deanna, Online Client

"Simon is a motivating and considerate trainer - his positive encouragement made me want to strive harder to reach my goals. He offered a great mix of mobility, cardio and strength, and modified my programme weekly to push me while accommodating any issues. We had no problem navigating the 8 hour time difference between Canada and the UK - he was flexible and we fit in the early morning sessions I needed to kick off my day!"

Client Deanna on her wedding day

Gayle, Cancer Rehab

“Having undergone treatment for Leukaemia, I came to Simon seeking support and guidance to get me moving again. More than anything Simon has given me back my confidence. I was scared to exercise again and did not know where to start. He has encouraged and informed and given me the tools to help myself. 


Simon has understood the limitations of my treatments and assessed my abilities, easily adapting our sessions to how I have felt on a given day. 

On a day when I have not been feeling my best he has helped me to focus on what I can do; instilling a sense of positivity and achievement in myself that has helped me physically and mentally.  His range of skills, from mobility and flexibility to strength and stamina development have been instrumental in getting me back on my feet and giving me a sense of purpose.” 

Karen D, Cancer Rehab

“Following a recommendation by my physiotherapist to apply to the SafeFit trial, I started working with Simon in June 2021. Due to Covid we organised the sessions online. Having started basic physio after my mastectomy, Simon created an exercise plan to build up my upper body strength.


His specialist knowledge allowed me to progress with confidence and he helped me through what was quite an isolating time. We discussed my treatment as well as options for fitness in the future. Over the next few months, Simon helped me build up my strength and fitness. Furthermore, Simon adapted my sessions to allow for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Obviously my energy levels varied, so Simon incorporated yoga, relaxation techniques, and stretching to help ease side effects. 


Simon’s knowledge, compassion and support has been invaluable to me during a difficult and challenging time. My fitness levels, strength and resilience continue to improve as a result of my working with Simon.” 

Natalie, Studio Client

“Training with Simon has transformed my approach to exercise and my confidence at the gym. His positive coaching methods and endless support have gotten me through my very first 10k (which he ran with me) and a half marathon too.


He has motivated me every step of my fitness journey and now I know that I am capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to.” 

Emily, Online Client

“Simon’s professionalism, positivity and humour radiates through the screen and I finish each session with a smile on my face, energised and ready to start my day! His awareness of positioning and sensitivity to posture and the subtle changes needed to make exercises more effective from his Pilates training, has really changed my approach to exercise.


It has also allowed me to overcome back issues which hampered my exercise progress in the past. Simon is very flexible around my childcare needs – he has arranged early Zoom calls before the children are awake or is happy to get them involved if they are up and about.” 

Stewart, Studio Client

"I have been working with personal trainers for over 20 years. What struck me when I first started working with Simon was his experience and adaptability. He listened to my goals.


Each training session is tailored to me and Simon is happy to switch up sessions at short notice, mixing up our regular cardio and weights sessions for a Pilates session. This may be because of a minor injury, or a stressful day at work where a full-on session just seems overwhelming.


Personally, gym training is a lifestyle choice, I do not always do it to meet a specific need or upcoming event. But some of my recent goals have been to shed the lockdown weight and to exercise around a niggling foot injury. Simon has accommodated this effortlessly and together we have achieved the goals set.


Simon’s session are focused and enjoyable and I come away with the feeling of being pushed, with the endorphins starting to kick in!

Simon respects me as a client and does not focus on other things, such as looking around the gym as I have experienced previously with some trainers. He is reliable and on time and I would recommend him without a doubt. "

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